We license the legal distribution of the repertoire that we manage, by defending two basic principles:

  • Only the creator or the rights-owner should consent to the right use of his work,  
  • Every use has to attribute financial benefits to the creator, as long as there is no related restriction by law.

There are three types of licensing based on the kind of rights or the use of a work.

(1) Licensing of the grand rights of a work:
We manage the grand rights of creators that fall under the following categories: Composers, Librettists, Authors of drama works, Directors, Scriptwriters and Choreographers. Therefore, we are responsible for the licensed use of their musical / musical-dramatical work; either it concerns its integrity or a part of it (usually of duration that exceeds the 25 min.) in the following cases:

  • the on-stage performance of a work
  • the TV or radio broadcasting of a work
  • the online communication of a work to the public

(2) Licensing of use of music material by orchestras and choirs for:

  • a concert and an on-stage performance of a work
  • recording to audio or video carriers

(3) Licensing of rights for synchronization of musical / musical-dramatical plays. These rights are managed by the respective music publishers and regard uses such as:

  • Accompaniment of audiovisual productions (commercials, short/medium length films, series, documentaries, videos, etc)
  • Recording on video carriers

In all the above mentioned cases, we collect a fee (percentage or lump sum) depending on the particular use of the work, which we distribute to the rights-owners, through our integrated financial services rapidly and with transparency.


*As “grand rights” are defined the authors’ rights that regard all the creative contributions that compose a collective work, i.e. the music, the lyrics, the choreography, the script, the sets, the costumes, etc. Such works which are subject to “grand rights: are: operas, operettas, drama plays, tragedies, musicals with original music, dance performances, mimes / pantomimes, etc.