We protect the rights of the creators / right-owners and the related rights of the publishers of music materials we represent, by having a close look on:

  • The new ways and means of communication of art, which drastically modify the international market.
  • The changing legal framework (national legislation, European law, International Treaties) which evolves in order to protect authors’ works in all kinds of use. 

Having much experience in intellectual property matters, we provide integrated legal services that include:

  • Legal consultation to the users (cultural event producers) in order to guarantee the legal use of the works we license. 
  • The legal protection of the creators/right owners that we represent in case of violation of their rights (unauthorised performances, adaptation or other use). We defend their rights in front of the competent Courts, by claiming all measures that should be taken in order to prevent the continuation of the infringement of their rights as well as any financial compensation that arises from the infringement.
  • The close observance of the cultural activities in Greece and Cyprus (especially in the field of music, theatre and dance), in order to detect in time any unlicensed use of the repertoire that we represent.