We cooperate with Greek and Cypriot artistic organizations of all kinds, in order to ensure the legal use of the works we manage and also submit proposals that will modernize their repertory.

Among our potential users are:

  • all orchestras, such as: the Athens State Orchestra, the Salonika State Orchestra, the Athens Concert Hall Organisation, the Salonika Concert Hall Organisation, the Symphony Orchestra of the Municipality of Athens, the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra etc.
  • the Greek National Opera,
  • festival organisers such as the Athens Festival
  • producers / organisers of artistic events
  • theatre organisations, theatre companies, theatre groups (professional and amateur)
  • advertising companies, audiovisual works/commercials production companies

The Users should contact us in order to obtain the licence for the following uses of the repertories we handle:

  • the use of published music material (of classical and contemporary repertory) for the needs of concert performances, opera performances, ballet performances, etc. Also for the needs of recording a performance by audio and video means for its future broadcasting by R/TV or its communication to the public through networks.
  • the public performance of works (music – music-dramatic) with use of music, such as musicals, operas, ballets, pantomimes, etc.
  • the synchronisation of music – music-dramatic works (complete or extracts) with image, i.e. the background use of music in audiovisual productions (commercials, short/medium length films, documentaries, videos, etc.)
  • the stage performance of plays
  • the TV broadcasting of dramatic/music-dramatic performances
  • the recording and reproduction of licensed performances on audio and video carriers.