Every work of art has roots and a home. To travel round the world and time, we need a non-negotiable condition of independence and talented ambassadors.

We created The Artbassador in order to defend not only the integrity of works of art and their origin but also the rights of their creators. To pave the way to meet artists, producers and audience. To feed the cultural scene in Greece and Cyprus, with the known as well as the undiscovered creators from the glorious past and the burning present of global art.

In particular, we are engaged in licensing, protecting and promoting intellectual property rights of creators of music, theatre, dance and many other forms of performing arts, as well as of their publishers. In cooperation with historical and contemporary international Houses, we are responsible for the management and promotion of a rich catalogue of classical and contemporary Greek and foreign creators in Greece and in Cyprus. In line with the developments in the international legal framework, we support the intellectual property towards new forms of distribution of art, rapidly changing the global market. With experience and daring, we achieve synergies in between services, traditional and new ways, for the arts to flourish. To meet people, to educate their senses and their soul.


Our commitment is to serve responsibly the direct and indirect recipients of our services.

The creators and copyright owners.

We defend the self-determination of the creators. We provide the conditions for them to continue making art. We take care so that their work maintains its value and integrity and claims its space and audience in the international arena.


The artists and producers of cultural events.

We bridge the gap between an authentic work and its ideal performance. We share their anxiety to give impetus to the classical and space to the contemporary creators. We guide them within the changing commercial and technological framework, to ensure success, in the journey of their art in the global cultural market.


The audience.

We work for cultural diversity. We believe in the interaction between art and society and their ability to benefit from each other. We trust spectators who defend freedom of art and creators who trace the mysteries of our existence.